A Simple Sunday Affirmation

Posted by Shelly 

4-2-23 #1

This is Shelly, the other half of The 'Gueru Wellness Spa. Now, I know The 'Gueru has been doing all of the blogs but I've been thinking as we're moving forward and I just wanted to share some positivity for anyone who may need some affirmation that you are evolving, loved, needed, moving forward, smart, beautiful, funny, and everything else good that we all possess. 

Read with me - My life is transforming into everything I've ever dreamed it would be. I'm learning day by day to simply be in the moment and week by week to trust my journey. I AM making progress towards my goals and dreams even when the road is bumpy. Everything, every-thing is unfolding exactly how it needs to for my highest good. Simple as that.

I hope that everyone can find a little message here. The only constant is change and we always need to be prepared for it. Keep moving forward to be your best self. Send us a message or visit the links on our page for more - there is great power in positivity. I can assure you. Enjoy the day! Hugs!


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