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7-7-23 #17

During my short time on social media, I have noticed an increase in inappropriate language. When I speak of inappropriate language, I refer more to the insinuation that things are true when they are not or proven when they have not met the burden of proof. What I have grown to learn is that many people use words in an irresponsible manner. They will post a clip explaining very little about a certain subject matter then develop a caption that insinuates the information is factual when it really is not. I don’t understand the purpose for this unless it’s to gain a following, but the following would be based on information that is less than truthful. As every person is different, we should understand that there is a possibility for one to view information differently. As this is true, we cannot make statements of truth or fact. This has the possibility of confusing or misleading individuals. That is an irresponsible practice as some will process the information as truth and make changes in their lives based on lies. I often wonder if people are aware of the possible ramifications of their speech. I believe the term proven is subjective. What meets my requirements of proof can be very different from the next person’s. Also, my truth may be different. For example, the statement I had to learn to use scissors with my right hand even though I am left hand dominant would ring true for me, but it may not be true for others. For me to present that statement as fact would be less than honest. The culture of this speech/communication is having a negative impact upon those who may not be fully capable of discerning fact from fiction. There are countless examples of how words are used as manipulation tactics to spread negative ideologies. I think it is time to communicate openly and effectively but without using negative speech. I challenge us all to share information but do so in a way that is positive and honest.

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