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7-14-23 #18

I often have thoughts regarding an individual’s ability to continue on with a task versus quitting. I wonder what is the driving force behind one’s forward movement. After much thought, the word sticktoitiveness comes to mind. This is defined as a continued effort in completing a task regardless to it being a positive or negative experience. This concept is typically challenging for me without preparation, but it makes sense if one is attempting to accomplish a task that is not necessarily enjoyable but is in the person’s best interests. I must view things in terms of wants versus best interests in order to get me over the mental challenges of the task. Once i’ve overcome the mental difficulties, the rest is easy. My decision making begins with a thought then processes the thought to more thoughts etc. The physical part is just an extension of that. Once my mind is focused and determined, I know i’ll complete whatever task. It has taken much practice and restructuring of thoughts in order to view things in such a way. As humans, many of us operate on what we want as opposed to best interests thinking. I think we all agree that doing what’s right isn’t always the most fun, but in the long run it will serve us well.

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