Are attitudes contagious

Posted on 3-24-23 by The 'Gueru #2

Happy Friday! As promised, this is our 2nd, weekly, Friday Fundamentals post from The 'Gueru Wellness Spa & Continued Education and The 'Gueru himself, Christian A. Spriggs, Sr. The 'Gueru's topic this week you ask? ..... read on for more....

Are attitudes contagious

During a visit to the local pizza shop, I enter, greet the staff with a smile and kind words. We continued a more than surface level conversation in which I asked questions like how's your day to which the young man said not too good. When this happens, I take the next step and dig deeper into what could be troubling him. He went on to explain having challenges with school etc. I offered a few suggestions as to how things can improve for him. We shared a pleasant moment even including his co-worker. She mentioned having a better day than her co-worker but did acknowledge gratitude that one would ask. They were both engaging, kind and seemed to care that I had a pleasant interaction while at the restaurant. Immediately after my order was complete, I move to the side, as to not bother anyone attempting to order. As the pair received additional customers, they were met with flat affects, demanding requests and conversations that were less than kind. The wait staff when interacting with customers seemed to reciprocate communication... It is my thought that pleasant and meaningful interaction is something that does not occur enough. In 20-30 seconds of interaction one can change the entire complexion of the day for an individual. In the time it takes to decide which food item to purchase, we can improve an individual's mental disposition so let's infect at least three people with our kind thoughts, words and actions.....

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