Be Accepting of Assistance When Offered

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5-5-23 #8

Approximately fifteen years ago I was leaving the gym on my cheat day. As I walked to my vehicle, I pondered what horribly disgusting meal I would buy as a result of being disciplined for the month. At that time I rewarded myself monthly. These days I reward myself more often but with not as bad choices. What I decided was to get sheetz hotdogs, potato chips and the biggest sweetest drink I could find. I had five dollars cash which was just enough to cover the cost. As I walk into the sheetz on Union Deposit rd. (I use actual information in case someone else shared the same experience at the same place and read this. I encountered a young man who was communicating with people as they entered the store. At this time I’m unaware of what he was saying to them as I was not in ear shot. As I got closer I was able to hear what he was saying. He shared he was just coming home from work, got into an altercation with his girlfriend’s ex boyfriend. Apparently the young man returned home from work sooner than expected and was surprised to see the ex in the home etc… He goes on to say he was from York and needed twenty dollars to get there by some form of transportation or another. I was not completely sure what he was saying because as I got closer, I began to grieve my cheat day because I knew I was going to give him what I had. I approached with my hand on my five dollar bill in my pocket when he began to explain to me what happened. I listen for a minute then hand him the five; he looks at the denomination of the bill. He noticed it was a five and had a strange look. He could not have known that I was very familiar with non-verbal communication based on what he demonstrated. I asked what was wrong as I extended my hand; he said that doesn’t help me. I said ok. Give me a minute; I'll be right back. I walked into the store and ordered two chili dogs, a large bbq middleswarth potato chips (again full experience) and the biggest (I think 44 ounce) drink in the store. As I gave thought to how sick I’ll be in a very short period of time, I think about the young man again as I exit the store. He looks as I approach. As I passed him I said I hope you get to where you need to be. He looked confused; I asked why the confusion? He said, I thought you were going to help me. I said I tried, but you did not allow me to help you. I then asked what he could have done differently? He said I could have accepted your help and would have been closer to my goal. I said smart man. Have a good day.

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