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6-2-23 #12

For those of you who did not have the opportunity to read my 3/17/23 blog, I briefly discussed trauma and understanding the challenge some face in managing it appropriately. This will give a few tips I have implemented in better managing traumatic issues I face daily. First, I like to be in the moment. Being in the moment allows me to appreciate the circumstances for what they truly are. I am less likely to take things for granted if I give things their proper attention and effort. An easy example to share is losing a relationship. Truly having the experience of losing a relationship of value can lend to the notion that I will never take relationships for granted as a result of losing one of worth. It is also important for me to understand where I am in my process of grief or trauma. Having this information has equipped me in better understanding how to manage day to day stressors as I continue to process through trauma. The world has no understanding or concern of how I feel about this or that, so it is in my best interest to remember as much. I am able to keep my feelings intact because understanding that I am the only person with my information allows me to not take life personally. I also try identifying patterns of negative behavior within my own consciousness. It sounds strange, but I try to beat myself to the punch, or cut myself off at the pass. This skill required much thought, meditation and practice. Those are just some of the methods I use in managing or replacing trauma. They may not work for you since we are all different, process circumstances differently and have environmental differences which changes things tremendously. Nevertheless, we are all worth the effort to remain well.

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