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6-30-23 #16

While considering what information to share this week, my mind took me to a time approximately ten years ago. I wasn’t doing anything in particular that I can remember. It was a normal day. I arrived at the Turkey Hill on Paxtang St. in Harrisburg to purchase gas. While I was there I happened across a young man in need of monetary assistance. I had a conversation with him. He shared that he was recently released from Dauphin County prison and had no resources etc. He also seemed to be in distress as he lived in York and had no way of getting there. I asked, how can I help? He explained that if he had twenty dollars, he’d be able to get cigarettes, food and transportation home. I said, done. I gave him twenty dollars, and went on my way. I did not give it a second thought, and this would not be a story if he in fact went home. Fast forward three weeks later. I was out in the morning leaving the gym. I was feeling pretty good as I could literally feel the toxins leave my body. I had to make a stop at the turkey hill in lower paxtang township as I drove home. I parked my car by the gas pump, exited my vehicle and saw a familiar face. I thought I was mistaken, but I recognized him as I approached the store. He did a masterful job of delivering his script, but this time to another person entering the store. It was a very similar story as I heard just a few weeks prior. As I got closer, I became more upset. When I was in the distance to speak without yelling, I asked excuse me (interrupting his grift) why aren’t you home? He said, huh? I went on to explain what happened weeks prior. He began to look all around him to survey for an escape route. I said, don’t do it. I further explained that I was presently simply annoyed and had not reached the level of anger. I encouraged him to return my twenty and leave. He did so with the understanding that I live in the area and could very well run into him again. I think he got my meaning. I did not respond that way to be a bully or to be mean. At that point I felt he needed to understand the behavior was not acceptable because there could be consequences. I never saw the young man again, but I hope he used that experience as a learning tool, passing the information on to others.


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