The Blessing

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4-28-23 #7

When I was a child my family and I lived in a project within the southern district of Harrisburg. My father was a Pentecostal preacher, and my mother was a church member, so there was always discussion of kindness and giving. I remember a particular conversation I had with my father in which I asked the purpose of giving. I was approximately six years old when I posed the question. I can recall my father explaining helping in this way, “son” he said, “you never know when you are being tested. It could very well be an angel sent to see your heart. I understood as much as a child could. What I took that to mean as a child was basically how I actually heard the information. It would have been nice to have additional conversations with my father as I aged to see if his thoughts would change, but it was not to be. I had varying opinions on the subject as I became an adult. I think everyone should be helpful to one another but for a different reason. I am in no way stating that my father was wrong or had some misunderstanding of the subject. During the time of that conversation my father was thirty five years of age, and lived to forty one. I am suggesting his thoughts or opinions may have changed with age. At this time I would like to call attention to anyone who has ever passed by someone in need of assistance without helping. How did you feel about your decision to not help? When I have not taken the opportunity to help, I feel as though I did not fulfill my responsibility or missed out on something. This feeling caused a varying thought process from my father’s. My experiences have led me to believe that when I do not help and ignore the indicator that I need to act, I miss my blessing. This does not mean that as a result of helping someone I will receive something in return. It means I miss the opportunity to be helpful. In missing the opportunity to be helpful, I also miss the chance to give someone hope or to give an individual the notion that people can be kind. I am in no way suggesting that one should approach a clearly dangerous or would be dangerous situation, but I am suggesting we as humans should recognize that voice within ourselves that encourages our better side of humanity. Think about the last time you helped someone unexpectedly and with no expectations. Experience the feelings again. Now have a thirty second thought about what the world would be if every person was willing to be a blessing to someone in need. The world would be much improved. It is my opinion that we should help others because we are all people and have a responsibility to one another. There are times we all need a hand or a kind word, and the blessing is in the helping itself.

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