Wellness is defined as the state of being in good health

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3-31-23 #3

This in itself can seem simple but looking deeper we can recognize this is not the case. For the purposes of this discussion we look at wellness in four parts which are overall physical, overall emotional, overall spiritual and overall mental. This is quite new for me. I have always more or less taken care of myself. I always try to maintain my physical body by seeing my Dr. like clockwork to make sure that everything is functioning properly, and I try maintaining an exercise routine as well as the occasional discussion with my higher power. I have an interesting read from time to time as well. That was basically it. At some point I began having a serious look at my own mortality. This caused me to further investigate the term wellness and if I was actually doing everything necessary to be in good health. It did not take a long time before I realized I was not in good health. Change was necessary. First I addressed the physical health which was easier. I became more consistent with gym time and effort as well as closely monitoring what I consume. I then wanted to address the mental part of good health. I wrote down triggering words or circumstances and categorized them as positive or negative (yes, there are positive triggers, but that is for another discussion) after that I wrote descriptive words to indicate my action, thought process or feeling as a result. I then questioned the appropriateness of each response. Once that was finished I was able to use my notes as a point of reference. This allowed me to check in with myself in real time (again, a discussion for another time) to identify my mental health status. I continue to work on this and I have daily challenges. Third, I began to meditate more, sometimes without a purpose or focus. Other times I felt I was meditating for seconds, but the focus was so intense and directed 20 or so minutes had passed. When connecting spiritually I may have an intention in mind but may get taken in a totally different direction. My attempts at emotional wellness has the simplest explanation but seems like the most difficult for me to master because emotion is usually related to people, and people at times have challenges with respecting identified boundaries. TRUE STORY! Entering work one morning I was met by the overnight supervisor in a panic about several children doing various things (actually everything instead of what they were supposed to be doing) again, in a panic!! I quietly said I have a boundary that I do not allow anyone's negative energy into my space. He looked as if I grew two heads as his jaw sank into his neck. I then said when you can get yourself together, I would love to hear your concern. This is not a perfect system of wellness, but it is mine for now. I am always trying to be the best me. That's the meaning and purpose behind 'gueru. Everyone, be your best. 

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